The Loneliest
Place in North

A Two Million Dollar Renovation is Needed

We are making a documentary that will aid in the raising of those funds and are looking for Grants, Private Donations and Corporate Partners that will help us get this film made.

A corporate partnership with Stannard Rock Lighthouse will give your brand the opportunity to spotlight your contributions to both this documentary and to climate research.

We also have a Gofundme page to help raise private donations. For those who donate $100 or more, we will be etching your name on a plaque that will be placed on Stannard Rock so that your name can live for centuries into the future in the middle of Lake Superior on the greatest of all lighthouses!

Almost 140 Years of Service


A brief history.

The Stannard Rock Light, completed in 1882, is a lighthouse located on a reef that was a serious hazard to navigation on Lake Superior.

The exposed crib of the Stannard Rock Light is rated as one of the top ten engineering feats in the United States.

It is 24 miles from the nearest land, making it the most distant (from shore) lighthouse in the United States. Due to its remote location, it has earned a few nicknames "The Loneliest Place in North America", “The Loneliest Place in the World”, and “The Rock”.

A look to the future.

The Stannard Rock Light has been serving Lake Superior for almost 140 years. When GPS started guiding ships, Stannard Rock was converted to a year-round observation station with remote monitoring equipment utilized by researchers in the United States and Canada. It collects data that had been hard to obtain in winter months after most traditional buoys are pulled from the lake.

Through various domestic and international partnerships, Stannard Rock Lighthouse is now instrumental in studying evaporation, wind speeds, wave intensity and other variables important to the scientific community and to the commercial shipping industry.


Purpose of the film.

Stannard Rock Lighthouse is not only a historic landmark, it is also a beacon of hope for the future. There are an extensive array of universities, government agencies and environmental groups who utilize the Lighthouse as a focus of study for climate research.

The primary purpose of this film is to raise the funds necessary to renovate the Lighthouse for historic preservation and create the Stannard Rock Lighthouse and International Climate Research Facility. This will honor its past and allow “The Rock” to serve us well into the future.

The documentary will share stories from the Lighthouse's past and explore how the Lighthouse is positively contributing to climate research today.

Stannard Rock in the news.


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Standing with Stannard Rock


Stannard Rock Lighthouse: The Loneliest Place on the Continent

Private sponsorship.

We started a Gofund me page where we hope to raise donations from individuals who want to join us in helping to get this documentary made.

For any donation amount, we will mention you in the credits of the film as a supporter of the project.

And if that’s not cool enough, for any donation of $100 or more, we will etch your name onto a plaque that will be affixed to the lighthouse to commemorate your support for centuries into the future in the middle of the largest fresh water lake in the world.

You know what’s even more cool, your donation is tax deductible! The Superior Watershed Partnership is a 501 (c)(3)!

Corporate sponsorship.


A partnership with Stannard Rock Lighthouse will give your brand the opportunity to spotlight your contributions to both this documentary, and climate research.

Our project in the news.


WBCK Talk Radio Website.

Battle Creek Michigan’s News Talk WBCK picks up our story and posts it on their website.


Lake Superior Magazine Story.

Lake Superior Magazine interviewed us for a story in their June/July edition. When that issue is released we will post it up here.

A Little Bit About Us


We are an award winning 501(c)(3) that has set national records for pollution prevention and the implementation of innovative, science-based programs that achieves documented and measurable results. The SWP implements a variety of conservation and public education projects.

In 2015, we acquired the Stannard Rock Lighthouse from the U.S. federal government for preservation.

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